Umbehr stands out

Kansas does not have two political parties. In Kansas, there are three.

Keen Umbehr is on the ballot as the Libertarian candidate for governor of Kansas. Registered voters who know the political philosophy of Libertarianism know it is the logical alternative to the "same-old-same-old" being offered by the Democrat and Republican candidates.

If more citizens of the Free State knew what Libertarianism stands for, they would leave the Republican and Democrat parties to vote Libertarian. But the word has yet to get out about Libertarianism, and there is a general apathy regarding a third party.

There also is fear a third-party candidate could pull votes away from a main-party candidate, resulting in the "greater of two evils" getting elected. This is a legitimate concern, which is why the vote must be so heavy in favor of the third-party candidate that the victory is a landslide.

Why settle for a lesser evil when you can get a greater good? What is especially good about Libertarianism is the ruling over us Free-Staters is kept to a minimum, for the very name of that political philosophy conveys the concept of "Liberty."

Unfortunately, also in that name can be some confusion with the term "liberal," which Libertarianism definitely is not. Those who are conservative but confuse Libertarianism with liberalism won't vote for the very candidate who is anything but liberal. They believe they are stuck with the Republican candidate when Umbehr is there on the ballot as the Libertarian.

I was a conservative Republican until I studied the matter. I'm voting for Umbehr, the Libertarian.

Michael Jamison,