Jong-Phil Kim, director of DSU public relations office; Dae-Young Kim, deputy director of DSU public relations; and KBS journalists Hwang Hyeon-Gyu and Chang-Wan Kim arrived in Hays from Busan early Monday and left Tuesday night.

Fort Hays State University junior Seon-jin Na translated for the visitors.

"They wanted to see how sending students abroad makes a difference and how this experience will affect their future," Na said, regarding the reason for the visit.

Kent Steward, director of University Relations at FHSU, said the university believes studying abroad is important for domestic and international students.

"The university thinks it's really important for students to have their horizons broadened by either traveling to other countries or having students from other countries come visit," he said.

KBS is a public broadcasting television station in Busan, and one of three main news networks within the city.

"I write about crime, accident, and I never know what's going to happen," said Hyeon-Gyu, a news reporter. "I feel pride in reporting what's happening, but sometimes the work intensity is very strong. Sometimes I don't have that working hour. I have to overwork everyday."

Steward said Hyeon-Gyu is planning to write "a feature story on these students studying here in the U.S."

Hyeon-Gyu does not believe his rights as a journalist are restricted.

"There are not many things that suppress the freedom of the press, because I'm just telling people what's happening," he said. "It's not like political. I've never felt like I was repressed."

In order to be a "licensed" journalist, Hyeon-Gyu needed to take a "competitive and hard" test. Each station requires its own test.

"If journalists do not write things that are happening, people wouldn't know about it," he said. "I feel strongly about letting people know what's going on and increasing awareness."