Net neutrality

I encourage each and every American to learn more about Big Telecom's plan to slow down access to our favorite websites at

I am concerned about Big Telecom giants forcing websites into a slow lane on the Internet.

Telecom giants should not be allowed to slow down my favorite websites and control how I use the Internet.

Experts agree Big Telecom's Internet Slow Lane plan will kill choice, stifle innovation and make the Internet more like cable TV.

Millions of Internet users have already spoken out against Big Telecom's Slow Down of Internet services.

Reclassifying Internet services under Title II of the Communications Act is the only way to guarantee the Internet is maintained as an open playing field. Any decision-maker who does not support reclassification should be held to account.

The FCC has to decide on final rules, and we've made their job easy for them. Millions of Americans, hundreds of businesses and hundreds of civil society groups are all calling for the strongest rules possible to ensure Net Neutrality.

Tom Wheeler, chairman of the FCC, should do the right thing and make a decision as soon as possible to put an end to this reckless slow lane plan. We've already waited too long for common sense to prevail and for clear rules -- with teeth -- safeguarding the open Internet to be clearly established.

Keenan Rohlf,