With Trump winning the election, some say it was a miracle, others say a nightmare.

The good news as of Nov. 9 far and away outweighs the bad. I will get to the bad later, but first, letís celebrate the good. The bad is not about the election itself, but what follows.

Nov. 9 went something like this ó most incredible upset of our time, a dream come true, biggest political upset ever, stunning victory, etc.

Just before the final count early Wednesday morning declaring Trump the winner, I saw two different Americas flashing before my eyes. It was a surreal moment for me. I asked myself which America is it going to be? Is it going to be an America in further decline or an America that has the potential of being great again? Itís difficult to put into words what I was feeling living in that moment.

I will remember Nov. 8 and 9 as two of the greatest days in modern American history. My grandchildren and great-grandchildren might have a chance for the good life I have been blessed with.

The outcome of the election should not have been shock and awe as was the case. If mainstream media had done their job about the real issues Americans care about instead of tabloid sexual groping, Trumpís victory would have been a foregone conclusion, not a surprise.

Hillary was her own worst enemy with scandals, lies, criminal activity, etc. She wasnít likeable, trustworthy nor even competent, nor any major accomplishments.

Besides Hillary being her own worst enemy, Barack Obama didnít help one bit. How does eight years of one failure after another help any presidential candidate and his non-presidential tirades just before D-Day didnít help either.

All the negatives of Hillary and Obama and their political party became positives for Trump that put him over the top. Rural America and all the adorable deplorables like you and me had a whole lot to say about the outcome.

One of the most amazing things to me leading up to the election weeks before was how everybody in Hays and Victoria (mostly Victoria where I live) knew the score on how to vote. Most were more informed than me. A prominent Victoria businessman and farmer said, ďPeople around here have a lot of common sense.Ē I say, amen, amen.

Three out of four voters in Ellis County voted Trump. Rooks County voted nine to one, and the other surrounding counties also overwhelmingly voted for the Donald. A total of 103 out of 105 counties voted the right way.

Trumpís fight to get this country back on track is just beginning. The election is over, but the condemnation of our president-elect by media will be worse than before Nov. 8. Media is sharpening its knives to take him out regardless what he does for this country.

Hillary supporters will be right there with media to destroy a Trump presidency, after all the two collaborated to get her in the White House. The news I see coming from mainstream media since the election is so outrageous at times it is laughable, mostly deplorable, pun intended. Who believes little children since the election canít sleep at night?

I am blown away by the fact the losers in this election are willing to shoot themselves in the foot to destroy Trump. For example, some people out of work, but wanting work, will be against Trump creating jobs. Pro-lifers who voted for Hillary will be against Trump even if he reduces the number of unborn babies that are killed. Millions were completely out of touch before the election and will continue being out of touch.

Do not believe most of what you read, hear or see coming from our not-so-free press.

Recent columns by the likes of racist Leonard Pitts and liberal Charles Haynes are prime examples. Another prime example was CBS Lesley Stahl hosting Trump on ď60 MinutesĒ on Sunday night as she came up with one negative and gotcha question after another ó for 60 minutes. Thankfully, Trump stumped her time and again as he appeared to be very presidential.

Thereís a whole lot of fixing that needs to take place in our government. Look at it this way. Our country has declined in the past eight years dramatically. If Trump runs this country as he campaigned on issues he could have a legacy of being a great president. Time will tell, but the potential of making America great again is there for his taking. Thereís only one way to go, and that is up.

The election was shock and awe, and the months to come will be as well.

Les Knoll,

Victoria and Gilbert, Ariz.