After reading the Feb. 17 Hays Daily article, "Gove County deputy in stable condition after accident," I thought it time to respond with a personal observation. I have the utmost respect and concern for all law enforcement officers. They perform a dangerous, hazardous job most of us cannot do, and they do it every day. This note has nothing to do with that accident, I was not there, I did not see, and I hope and pray that all involved are OK.

I have observed while driving interstate highways, emergency vehicles without front flashing lights on. A vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed quarter-mile behind you takes only seconds to be upon you. Inattentive driving is certainly a problem and most accidents would be avoided if we all drove more defensively, but front emergency lights on would be beneficial to all drivers.

When looking from your rearview mirror, it would give drivers more warning to an approaching emergency vehicle, time to move over and be safer for all.

Tim Miller