In 2007, former Gov. Joe Kernan, a Democrat, and then-Chief Justice Randall Shepard, a Republican, spearheaded a six-month review of Indiana’s local government structure. The Times is updating readers on the status of each recommendation.

16. Move all municipal elections to an even-year cycle.

Hoosiers will go to the polls in 2015 to elect their city and town officials — just as they have for decades. A 2009 proposal to move municipal elections to even-numbered years was approved 32-18 by the Republican-controlled Senate, but died in the Democratic-controlled House. The idea hasn't received serious consideration since. The report suggested the change to save municipalities the cost of holding an election separate from the general election for most other state and local offices. It also noted voter turnout for municipal elections likely would be higher if held at the same time as other elections.