By Kansas Agland Mid-Kansas Cooperative and CHS are currently building a new grain facility near Canton that will include a 110-car train shuttle that will transport grain to the Gulf of Mexico.


The unit train also could take grain to the Pacific northwest in the right market.

Erik Lange, director of MKC's southern area operations, said crews began working on the site last fall.

He thought the construction company would begin pouring the slip-form elevator storage at the end of March. The facility, which will have about 3 million bushels in storage when it is completed, will be fully operational by fall.

The site, a 50-50 partnership between MKC and CHS, is located off U.S. 56, about a mile-and-a-half west of Canton, said Lange. MKC will be the operating partner.

"This facility is being built to meet the future needs of our customers and give them access to a broader market," Lange said. "That area is a good area of production and it has a storage deficit to begin with."