It is unclear the communication that occurred when Kim Davis, the county clerk who refused to administer same-sex marriage licenses based on her religious beliefs, met with Pope Francis. Based on my observations that Pope Francis exhibits the spirit, moral priorities and unconditional love of Jesus Christ better than any clergy Iíve encountered before in my life, my guess would be his response to her actions would be, ďLet the county clerk who is without sin refuse the first same-sex marriage license.Ē

I donít want to commit the same sin by judging Ms. Davis, but her admitted history of marriage and sexual relations would suggest it would have been equally valid for a Christian county clerk to refuse granting her a second and third marriage license based on their Christian beliefs. Fortunately for her, either many Christians dismiss biblical teaching on divorce as less binding than teachings on homosexuality, or the clerks that granted her second and third marriage licenses were not willing to judge Ms. Davis for her sexual sins.

Gary Brinker,