The best farming practices and wisely selected seedstock varieties helped Kansas farmers overcome growing-season challenges and produce high-yielding, valuable soybeans in 2015.

The yield contest included 54 entries. The 35 winners in 13 categories had verified yields averaging 74.41 bushels per acre, compared to the reported state average of 38 bushels per acre in 2015.

The value contest had 26 entries. For protein and oil contents, the top three entries averaged 61 cents (7.1 percent) in increased value over the $8.66 base cash price. In 2014, that average was $1.52 (15.0 percent) above a $10.18 cash price.

Richard Seck, Hutchinson, topped the irrigated division with a no-till entry that made 96.49 bushels per acre. Jason Taylor, Highland, led the dryland division with a conventional-tillage entry of 86.03 bushels per acre. Kansas JAG Ltd., Solomon, won the value contest with 65.7 cents a bushel of increased value (7.6 percent over the cash price).

The Kansas Soybean Association presented the state and district winners with awards and monetary prizes from the Kansas Soybean Commission at the Kansas Soybean Expo on Jan. 6 in Topeka. The highest dryland and irrigated yields in the state each received a $1,000 award.

In each district, first place won $300, second earned $200, and third received $100. The No-till on the Plains organization supplied additional prizes for the no-till categories.

Here’s a list of the top placers in the various categories, what county they’re from and the yield in bushels an acre:

North Central, No-till dry land: 1. Rosebrook Farms, Lincoln, 84.79; 2. Came Farms, Saline, 71.23; 3. Kansas JAG LTD, Saline, 65.94; 4. Adelbert Stewart, Washington, 57.91.

Northwest, No-till dry land: 1. Ernie Schlatter, Smith, 66.01; 2. Carla Schlatter, Smith, 60.26; 3. Raymond DeBey, Osborne, 57.28; 4. RTC Farms, Graham, 43.29; 5. Clydesdale Farms, Norton, 42.08.

North Central Conventional Till dry land: 1. Curtis Kohman, Salina, 64.48; 2. KDOSCO Inc., Dickinson, 63.3.

Southeastern Conventional Till dryland: 1, Travis Miller, Benedict, 79.40; 2. Roger Draeger, Galena, 75.38; 3. Crain Farms, Columbus, 69.20.

South-central Conventional Till Dryland: 1. Bruce Seiler, Colwich, 73.31.

Statewide Irrigated Conventional till: 1. Roger Johnson, Sheridan, 89.49; 2. Mike Wessel, Decatur, 87.46; 3. Nancy Babcock and Ryan Patton, Brown, 86.9; 4. Russell Winsor, Jefferson, 84.19; 5. Gary Shaw, Sheridan, 76.66; 6. Jay Rezac, Pottawatomie, 76.57; 7. Timmons Bros. Farms, Wilson, 74.09; 8. Ja-Sal Farms, Dickinson, 72.1.

Statewide, Irrigated No-till: 1. Richard Seck, Reno, 96.49; 2. Raymond DeBey, Osborne, 84.97; 3. Phil Hinton, Brown, 84.51; 4. Summit Farms, Brown, 84.32; 5. Roger Mauck, Sheridan, 82.49; 6. Chris Bodenhausen, Atchison, 82.28; 7. Bob Wietharn, Clay, 78.62.

Top 11 entries in the Kansas Soybean quality contest: 1. Kansas JAG LTD, Saline; 2. Henry Farms, Brown; 3. Roger Johnson, Sheridan; 4. Michael Oltjen, Brown; 5. Travis Miller, Wilson; 6. Raylen Phelon, Osage; 7. Rosebrook Farms, Lincoln; 8. Ryan Stewart, Washington; 9. Roger Mauck, Sheridan; 10. Adelbert Stewart, Washington; 11. Ron Wood, Dickinson.