Horses are part of Chelsea Dickey’s family’s life. They live in Munjor and have five horses on a nearby farm.

“We live really close to a farm, so I get to see them every day, her daughter Callie Lane said.

Dickey has been around horses as long as she can remember.

“My grandparents had race horses, so I traveled with my mom to different race tracks. We’ve always had horses. Once I started having kids, we still had them,” she said.

Her three older children are in 4-H, and they and Dickey helped with the Bits ‘n’ Spurs 4-H Club beginners day camp Saturday to learn about horses.

The camp was a first for Rochelle Einsel’s two daughters Sabrina Werth, 8 and Hannah Werth, 6.

“They’ve been talking about horses and wanting to ride a horse,” Einsel said.

When they brought home a letter about the camp from school, she told them it was their opportunity.

“They learn a lot,” Einsel said of the camp.

“We wanted to be able to share something that we love, and maybe they don’t have the opportunity to ride,” Stephanie Eckroat said.

Eckroat and her two children, Lakin and Ross Eckroat brought horses and helped teach the children to groom the horses.

Lakin’s first task was helping Frances Bittel, 5, groom Duke, Ross’ horse.

Frances was curious about the horse getting a bath.

“We give them a bath when we get ready for a horse show,” Lakin said.

When it was time to comb Duke’s mane, Frances needed a little help.

“I can’t reach that high,” she said.

Lakin solved the problem by lifting Frances.

Frances said she’s ridden before, but her sister Eleanor, 8, is really the horse lover in the family.

“I just like being with them. They’re just peaceful,” Eleanor said.

Eleanor was in the craft group making stick horses using gray athletic socks stuffed with polyfil.

Buttons formed the eyes and mouth and yarn made a mane.

When they were finished, they were attached to wooden dowels.

Besides taking a turn riding the horses, they also held stick horse races.

Before the youngsters worked with the horses, Kathy Huser, who has two children in the 4-H club, gave a talk about horses. “Horses are as different as you and me,” she said.

There are different colors, body shapes and personalities — some are calm, some are shy and some are born leaders.

The youngsters also learned about horse breeds and how and where to measure a horse.

“Farms aren’t as popular as they used to be, so I think it’s very important for kids to learn about horses and explore horses,” Dickey said.