Happy Easter

Just a reminder, during this incredible annual Easter season, many nonbelievers (call them non-Christians) substantiate what happened as our Savior was crucified. Pure medical science confirms Jesus actually and unequivocally died. Those centurions guarding the tomb where our Savior's body was held following his death would have been executed themselves had they not protected that tomb 24/7 from any outside influence.

Yet, our Savior left the tomb and clearly rose from the dead. There were many who actually saw what happened.

We do not have to believe on faith alone. Facts are what they are, and the Biblical versions have been substantiated by many non-Christians.

Who among us does not want to believe Jesus died and then rose again for our sins so we all can have life after death?

If it's not "politically correct" to submit a letter like this you are reading somebody who could care less. What could be more important than all of the above?

Les Knoll

Victoria and Gilbert, Ariz.