CEDAR BLUFF RESERVOIR -- John Vincent holds no grudge against the rainbow trout swimming away in the stilling basin below Cedar Bluff.

Just the same, he was anxious to hook, retrieve and keep the one small trout that he caught.

He was just as anxious to keep the trout that fly-fisherman Ralph Johnson hooked and offered up shortly after wading into the unusually still waters stocked by the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks.

Anglers going in search of trout, a winter-time treat for the fishing world in Kansas, requires a $12.50 trout permit, in addition to a regular fishing license.

After a series of meetings, Vincent, Hays, slipped away from work a week ago to try his hand at fishing for trout. With two poles at the ready, he baited the hooks with salmon eggs and waited for a bite.

"I am not an expert on this," he said. "This is a lot of fun."

While he said he goes in pursuit of trout -- "Because I love trout," he said -- Vincent admitted Friday's foray was only his third venture in search of trout.

He wasn't at all concerned about when or if he caught one of the stocked trout.

"I don't have a grudge against them, so it doesn't matter," he said.

Nonetheless, he was quick to snatch up his pole when the bouncing tip suggested that a trout had taken the bait.

Friday's outing was a bit different than his first venture.

Then, the fish were working the surface of the pool of water. Friday, the water was still, although an occasional few fish broke the surface, renewing Vincent's hope that a fish might be on his hook.

His first venture out, Vincent caught two trout. Friday, he went home with two, thanks to Johnson's offer to let him have the trout. Johnson said he didn't bring what was needed to keep the fish until he got home.

Vincent's second trout trip was less memorable than either the first or the last.

"I didn't stay that one time because it was so cold and the wind was blowing," he said.