Down the wrong road

Years ago, the communist leaders said they could destroy America without firing a shot. Itís plain to see what they intended to do; to infiltrate our media, our country, our schools, our courts, our legislative branches with like-minded people.

Our not so Supreme Court swears to uphold the constitution. The majority are either so stupid they donít know what they are doing or deliberately trying to destroy the Constitution. In either case, they deserve to be removed from their offices, not ever to be in a position of power. They donít understand the difference between freedom of religion and freedom from religion; that marriage is between a man and a woman, that life begins at conception, that Obamacare was unconstitutional from beginning to now.

The Democrats cried out that they couldnít afford it for themselves or for their staff. Congress shall pass no law for our country which they are not willing to accept for themselves. No, instead of that they have federally funded insurance provided by you, the taxpayer.

I saw on a bumper sticker a few years ago that liberals are so open minded their brains have fallen out.

I donít want our country to be lost to a few. So many lives have been lost for our freedoms and loss of limbs. I couldnít let this injustice go without saying something in defense of our beautiful country.

The Obama administration should either be impeached or on trial for treason for all the damage that has been done to our country.

Clarence Bieker,