New York-based film director Zach Lowry is searching for a Kansas barn to shoot a commercial for Coca-Cola.

Lowry is a freelance cinematographer for Flex Collective, a company he co-founded.

Although he mainly works as a cinematographer, he said he believed he should be the one to direct the commercial since he wrote the script.

"We had this idea," he said. "I was toying with it, started making phone calls, got a crew together. The project and the story is worth producing, worth getting out there. So now it's on its way."

Lowry is unable to discuss the story, but said the Kansas landscape is central.

"We needed a landscape that embodied a naturalistic, all-American spirit," he said. "We wanted wide open spaces, amber waves of grain. Kansas has the very diverse landscape we're looking for."

Lowry is hoping to select a barn within the next two weeks and begin shooting in late May.

"We want to shoot right before the harvest of the wheat, so it is at its maximum height," he said.

Lowry and his crew are beginning to sift through more than 4,000 emails from people volunteering their barns.

"People are just excited enough to hear someone is going to be shooting an advertisement in their barn, and they're more than willing to donate it," he said.

They are seeking an old vintage barn surrounded by wheat fields. All requirements are flexible, but the barn must have windows and slits in the sides for light rays to poke through. Lowry said that is central to the story.

"We've heard some amazing stories," Lowry said. "People have sent us emails with stories about how people 20 to 30 years ago hand-built their barn. It's just always cool to find a location with a story behind it. We're really trying to look for someone who believes in the power of story and tradition."

For more information, contact Lowry at or call (610) 710-5245.