Minions' mess

When commenting on the state of Kansas' budget shortfall, House Speaker Ray Merrick is quoted as saying, "We do not have a revenue problem. We have a spending problem."

In Merrick's mind, the fact you, as a Kansas citizen, want drivable highways, is a problem. The fact you want restaurants inspected before you contract e-coli is a problem. The fact you would like BTK and the Carr brothers to remain incarcerated is a problem.

What is definitely not a problem, in his view, is the fact owners of "S" Corporations have been excused from paying state income taxes. The speaker believes it is not a problem the employees of those corporations, and all the other workers, are expected to pick up the revenue shortage.

Gov. Sam Brownback and his GOP minions will have a difficult time solving the state's financial mess because they are incapable of recognizing the actual problem is Brownback and his GOP minions.

AB Campbell,