Special to the HDN

Full Chord Press, Hays Middle School's all-boys choir, directed by Johnny Matlock, will perform for the Hays After Five group at Rose Garden Banquet Hall, 2250 E. Eighth (formerly the Fanchon) at 7 p.m. Dec. 9. Men are welcome to this meeting.

Betty Rupp, Hays, will be speaking on "Trading Places."

Have you ever wanted to trade places with someone? Was it because her life was glamorous or your circumstances were miserable? Hear how Rupp wanted to trade places as a stepmom, during a family suicide and daughter's failed marriage.

She talks about trading places with Ann, the prophetess, and with Mary, the mother of Jesus.

Cost of the dinner program is $12.50. Reservations are due Thursday to (785) 202-1036 or dkoster@eaglecom.net.

Hays After 5 is affiliated with Stonecroft Ministries of Kansas City, Mo.