It’s not like me to use words such as “stupid” in my letters; however, when it comes to Hillary Clinton’s run for the presidency, I can’t help myself.

In a previous letter to the editor of mine I claimed what she did using a private email server was the “stupidest” political move ever. Her sinking poll numbers are proving me to be right. As I read the news and watch TV, her email scandal is all over the place and has become a campaign quagmire.

Guess what? Yup, she does another really “stupid” thing. In order to reverse her falling poll numbers with women, she runs an ad about being a big supporter of women getting raped and that they should speak out about it.

Republicans should be all over that ad, and they’re not. Maybe the GOP is stuck on “stupid” as well. Small wonder Donald Trump is popular.

Hillary’s husband Bill is a serial sexual abuser. There is case after case of women speaking up about being attacked by Bill.

Hillary knows about Bill’s transgressions. She’s not a nonbeliever. No, she doesn’t attack Bill, as if it would do any good anyway. Instead, Hillary, with the help of liberal media, has a god-awful history where she goes all out to destroy the lives of Monica, Kathleen Willey, Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Jones and many more who were victims of her husband.

It is a known fact that Bill had a 12-year relationship with Gennifer Flowers while married to Hillary. What about Bill palling around a lot since leaving the presidency with Jeffrey Epstein, a convicted pedophile who has a hideaway on James Island in the Caribbean known as a place where underage girls hang out, and so did Bill a dozen times.

How “stupid” can Hillary be in trying to be a rapist victim’s biggest supporter? It should be the last thing in the world she would want to bring up. Talk about opening up a can of worms.

In 1975, before Bill, when Hillary was a young defense attorney, she defended a child rapist whom she knew was guilty but managed to get a not-guilty verdict. In the process, she lied all over the place about the 12-year-old girl, ruining the poor girl’s life, and then laughing about the whole thing later.

Does anybody doubt if a Republican candidate was doing what Hillary does they still would be in the presidential race? Not a chance. Liberal media, in the pocket for Dems, would have taken out that Republican a long time ago.

What does that say about this country should Hillary and Bill be back in the White House? Morality no longer matters, nor competence?

Les Knoll,

Victoria and Gilbert, Ariz.