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NATOMA -- Mt. Ayr campground sits  on the edge of  Osborne County Road 657, connecting  Natoma to Alton.  For 107 years, a summer meeting at the camp has drawn crowds from near and far.    

Founded in  1904,  four rural churches joined in  a project for an annual  summer camp revival meeting. They  purchased a large tent,  along with  smaller "living tents" accommodating visitors for a fee of 25 cents.  In 1944, a  parcel of land was purchased and a  wooden structure  erected for a permanent  tabernacle.  

Of the four original sponsors,  two remain faithful to the annual June event:  Pleasant Plains Methodist and Mt. Ayr Friends Fellowship.    

This year, the  meeting was led by evangelist David Gallimore, Atlanta, Ga., with music by  Roger Cooper, Alton.  Eternity Focus was guest vocalist for  youth night.    

The  celebration brought together the  Schamberger family for a week of  Bible messages, music and fellowship.    

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