Shameful attempts

The ironic and shameful efforts by the Kansas Department of Children and Families to spend a week digging for insignificant irregularities in the books of Early Head Start, imposing large fines and essentially forcing them to abandon substantial future funding that would benefit impoverished children is just another of the long list of conservative attacks on children's welfare.

It seems most social conservatives will bend over backwards to force a woman to have a child she doesn't want or is unable to care for properly. But as soon as these babies are born, they are "on their own" and left to fend for themselves.

If social conservatives really cared about the life and welfare of these children, and are not just interested in imposing punitive sanctions on a "sinful" woman, they would support programs such as Early Head Start and be outraged by KDCF's recent harassment. When will pro-life folks realize the majority of beneficiaries of "welfare" in Kansas are impoverished mothers with children, and the availability of these types of public services are often a deciding factor in whether they choose to abort or keep their babies?

Gary Brinker,