Approximately 50 people turned out to learn more about being a volunteer for the proposed Hays USD 489 bond issue during a meeting Wednesday evening at Hays High School.

The district is planning a bond election and possibly a city sales tax to fund $94,035,000 in improvements.

Superintendent Dean Katt said the school district was on time for having a spring election, likely in May.

The school district also had a volunteer meeting at Hays Middle School this week.

A presentation by Katt included improvements identified by a community committee, district staff, architects and engineers.

“We haven’t had a bond and interest payment since 2009,” Katt said. “That was for a small bond. The mill levy was 2.568 mills. That’s why our mill levy has been very stagnant.”

Members are needed to serve on a volunteer committee, speakers bureau, fundraising committee and public relations committee.

An audience member asked about getting information to answer other people’s concerns.

“The committees are the legs to help us get the information out, and then get the information back — to have more ears out there, so that we can answer the questions properly,” HTK Architect Chuck Smith said.

The school district’s charge is to educate everybody about the information about the bond issue and put out accurate information about what the bond issue is going to be, what it entails and the details about it, Smith said.

The goal is to make sure people have the right information when they go to vote, he said.

One audience member asked about a state legislative proposal to consolidate school districts.

“Is this facility big enough to house all of (the high school students in) Ellis County?” he said.

Katt said it isn’t.

The man then asked if another bond issue to build a bigger high school would be needed.

“They’re trying to combine administration. I don’t think that those schools would close,” Katt said.

After the formal presentation those attending chatted in groups, considered the committee assignments and looked at the information plans and proposed building images.