Teachers, not facilities

I know everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and though your opinions are not the same as the 780 Ellis voters who voted no on the bond issue, they are your opinions.

It is my opinion our sports complex has been allowed to fall into disrepair not because of the lack of money but so we can have new facilities with bragging rights as one of the nicest facilities in the state. I also think if a building has a good foundation, it can be repaired.

In my opinion, without the football field, the bond would have passed, and the grade school would have been the priority for many of the Ellis voters.

The junior high could be moved, using temporary modular classrooms until the grade school is completed. As a side note, I attended kindergarten in what is now the Railroad Museum, with plywood walls separating our classrooms while the current grade school was being built.

I believe every student learned what was taught that year without any lasting damage.

It isn't the building but the teachers that make the difference, and I am proud to say Ellis employs dedicated and talented teachers.

Bernice Karlin,