Carrying guns

Terrorists can kill people by lots of other means, like crashing planes into the towers.

The shop he tried to buy the bullet-proof vest in and the gun shop selling this guy the rifle, hand gun and bullets, should have seen a big red flag. Criminals will always find ways to get guns and kill people if that is what they believe in and have been trained to kill. Shouldn’t we shut down these killer training centers?

According to the internet, and Donald Trump are warning Americans the Obama regime is trying to pass a hate crime prevention act. This might sound OK, but, if anyone complains about taxes or anything else, an official could convict them of this act and their rights to own a gun could be taken away for life.

The secret pre-crime-gun act bill could deny all citizens due process, which means sit down, shut up and don’t dare complain about anything. I feel if just a few trusted people would have been in that club with a weapon and a right-to-carry license, they could have stopped this guy much sooner.

It is sad this might be necessary, but we need to protect ourselves and not just let criminals have guns. A gun-free establishment is a good setup for them. In my opinion, the signs should read: We are armed and will protect the public with deadly force if necessary.

Glen Teel,