Festive clothing hangs from bones. Televisions blare from every room. Puppies wander aimlessly on the floor.

Bon A-Pet-Treat hotel, bakery and boutique opened Monday at 2202 Vine.

The building houses six dog rooms, each comes complete with a bed and television. One cat room also is available.

Overnight and daytime guests have the opportunity to walk through tunnels in the playroom and exercise in the backyard of the new business.

Brooklyn Pitcock, owner, is a sophomore at Fort Hays State University.

"I love dogs; I always have," she said. "I figured if I was going to work while I was in school, I might as well do something I love."

Pitcock, originally from Russell, saw the need for a pet hotel in Hays.

"Most people I know hate leaving their dogs in kennels," Pitcock said. "This way, the pet can be made very comfortable."

After deciding upon the concept last summer, Pitcock looked online and in bigger cities for ideas.

The building was purchased in January.

Despite taking 15 hours at FHSU and being a member of the dance team, she is trying to single-handedly run the business.

"My parents helped me a little bit," Pitcock said. "My dad remodeled, and my mom has been working with me. But I'm trying to do it by myself."

Both of her parents are entrepreneurs.

"I always told my kids," said her mother, Barb Pitcock, "you can go to college, but you better find what you love and a way to do it. And this girl loves pets."

Bon A-Pet-Treat also sells homemade, organic pet treats.

In the future, Pitcock said she sees the business growing to include more rooms and a bigger space.

Bon A-Pet-Treat is open 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. For more information, visit