Eber Phelps, mayor of Hays, filed to run for the Kansas Legislature on Monday morning. Phelps, a Democrat, will challenge incumbent Republican Sue Boldra in the 111th House District.

“Gov. Brownback and Republicans in the Legislature have bankrupted our state, starved our schools and ignored our roads,” Phelps said. “I look forward to providing leadership to move our state in a new direction.”

Phelps indicated his top priority would be creating a stable budget by rebuilding the Kansas economy and reinstituting a common-sense tax policy. He criticized the budget passed by the House early Monday morning.

“The mismanagement of the Kansas budget under Gov. Brownback and legislators like Rep. Boldra is appalling,” Phelps said. “Last night, Rep. Boldra voted for and the Legislature passed a budget that transfers money needed to pave our roads to cover basic state services, and delays payments to the KPERS, and cuts funding to Fort Hays State University. And it still doesn’t balance.”

When elected, Phelps said he would work with Democrats and other moderates to reinvest in Kansas.

“I cannot sit by and watch as Brownback and Republicans in the Legislature mismanage Kansas any longer,” he said. “We should be maintaining and building new roads, because it creates jobs in our communities and drives economic development. We should be investing in schools, because our children need a high-quality education to succeed. It’s time to return to common sense leadership.”

Phelps lives in Hays with his wife, Joni. He is employed by Glassman Corp.