Let a child lead us

Witnessing something while waiting in front of a local bank, my thoughts went back to another time. Waiting in the car, I watched an elderly gentleman slowly walk with his cane toward the door of the building. Only a few feet from reaching his destination, the door suddenly flung open. Out walked two men, perhaps in their early 50s -- one wearing business attire, the other casual.

They were deep in conversation as they briskly walked past this elderly man allowing the door to go shut right before him. Leaning forward, the elderly man tried to grab a hold of the door. Witnessing this, I felt disappointment with the lack of respect toward this elderly gentleman. It was also at this time my thoughts went back to another time when I was pushing my elderly mother-in-law in a wheelchair from the back room of her doctor into the lobby area.

As we headed toward the exit, a young girl perhaps around the age of 12 suddenly jumped up from her chair to hold the door open for us, with a beautiful beaming smile on her face. I thanked her for her kindness.

I offered a prayer to the Lord for this child and the gift of her life. You see, she showed kindness and respect to another by her action. Shall we all learn from this child when the opportunity arises. I might add, this beautiful young girl had Down's syndrome.

Dora Leiker