An invite

Many of you read the letter to the editor on Agenda 21. The federal government passes laws and regulations that are passed down to the local level where most of the Agenda 21 issues are implemented. Therefore, it is important that our local politicians attend this meeting. This is a special invitation to city commissioners, county commissioners, planning commissioners, government planners and board of education members to attend this meeting. Actually anyone in public office can benefit from this meeting. Also, anyone who is on the April 2 election ballot for the first time is encouraged to attend. It is time that politicians start to question what is going on instead of blindly following the status quo.

We all have busy lives. Many of us know something is going on in our country but we have the attitude let someone else correct the wrongs. We are too busy to get involved. If you know your history, this is exactly what the Germans said to themselves under Hitler as he killed more than 10 million of them, or the Russians who were silent as Stalin killed 40 million of them, and the Chinese as Mao killed 60 million of them. American leaders have caved in to the desires of the United Nations to have a one-world government with socialism/communist as its head. The poor countries that make up the United Nations want every country to be equal. They are tired of the western world having more than they have. They feel entitled. Agenda 21 is a United Nations program to hurt America. Will you stand with those who are trying to wake up Americans?

For those who have not heard, President Obama has proclaimed we have a new national holiday -- May 1 will be to celebrate Loyalist Day. All over the world for decades May 1 has been celebrated as World Communist Day.

We will explain Agenda 21 at a meeting at 6 p.m. Tuesday at Thirsty's, 2704 Vine.

Roger Ewing