The other night when I got home from the tea party meeting, I walked up on my porch and there it was -- a large American flag, flying in the breeze.

It wasn't my flag, but better. It was larger and brought by "somebody."

Whoever you are, a great big American "thank you."

The world is full of great people, and thank God they outnumber those who steal other people's possessions.

The American flag means a lot to me.

My husband, Alfred, served with the Navy in World War II.

Randy served 23 years in the Air Force, and John is serving now as a master sergeant in the Air Force.

I fly it for them and all our other sons and daughters who give their hearts to America with their service to our great country.

Thank you, whoever you are. I'm so glad to be able to fly my flag again for all of you.

Mary K. Schmidt