LUCAS — In conjunction with the Lid-Off Film Festival beginning Sept. 25 in Lucas, the Grassroots Art Center is featuring the exhibit "Taped and Recycled" by artist Brooke Wallace.

The exhibit opens Sept. 19 and remains on display through Oct. 19.

Items featured in the exhibit will be a Mountain Dew pop-can dress, duct tape dress, necktie dress, T-shirt dress, plastic sack dress, license plate art, pop-can art, bottle cap art, junk art, bowling pin art, melted crayon art and suitcase art.

Wallace made the dress while she was a sophomore in high school. She realized she liked to make art out of unusual items, especially if it was wearable. She made her junior year prom dress out of duct tape. As a senior in high school, she created a dress out of neckties. During college, she created dresses out of K-State T-shirts and plastic bags.

When she’s not making wearable art, Wallace uses recycled materials to create one-of-a-kind art pieces.