Special to The Hays Daily News

Tim Chapman will step down as president and CEO of the Fort Hays State University Foundation on June 30.

"The opportunity I have had in 30 years of fundraising is indescribable. I have traveled the country and the world, meeting individuals who, through their own interests, passion and dedication to higher education, have left a legacy of success," Chapman said. "We have not only built a team at the FHSU Foundation, but we have created a process, and the outcomes have been record-breaking. What a perfect time to step aside and allow new leadership to take the Foundation to that next level."

Chapman joined the FHSU Foundation in 2006, and, although he's stepping down from his current role, he will remain a member of the Foundation team for a period of time. He will support Fort Hays State throughout the transition of leadership and will serve as a leadership guide for the upcoming campaign, which is currently being outlined.

"It's vital to the constituents of Fort Hays State, and to those I have worked with throughout the years, to understand the importance of our next campaign. I will help in outlining and evaluating those efforts," Chapman said.

Chapman is someone who has always supported the growth of Fort Hays. He believes that alumni and friends of the university play an integral part in making that growth a reality and that every gift makes a difference.

"Tim and I have forged a wonderful personal and professional relationship throughout the last 18 months," said Mirta M. Martin, who assumed the FHSU presidency in July 2014. "Under his leadership the Foundation has grown at an impressive rate — not just in dollars, but in relationships. I am thankful he will be staying on to continue to provide leadership for our capital campaign while still pursuing his other passion of creating new art. He is and will always be part of the family of Fort Hays State."

Jeff Peier, chairman of the Foundation Board of Trustees, also spoke fondly of Chapman and his guiding role at the Foundation.

"Tim's visionary leadership during the past decade has elevated the foundation to new levels of excellence," Peier said. "Tim and his dedicated staff have truly achieved incredible results during his tenure. His legacy of success will allow for a seamless transition as the next president and CEO assumes his or her duties. I look forward to working with Tim as he continues his relationship with the Foundation as president emeritus and CEO emeritus and fosters his numerous connections with the extended FHSU family of students, alumni, faculty, staff and community partners."

"The FHSU Foundation has been a perfect fit," Chapman said. "We have built a team of professionals who provide the necessary education on the benefits of giving back. The outcomes of these efforts have been a resounding success. Scholarship assistance has increased, faculty support has increased and the various areas of fund development have increased — all in a very volatile market through the past 10 years."

In Chapman’s time as president and CEO of the FHSU Foundation, he launched the most ambitious fundraising effort in FHSU's history — the Cornerstone Campaign. Halfway through this initiative, the nation's economy dipped into a severe recession. At that time, Chapman asked, "If not now, when?" and it was decided to push forward to the $60 million campaign goal. His dedication and drive took the Cornerstone Campaign's success beyond everyone's expectations. More than $68 million was raised.

Another initiative that took place during Chapman’s tenure at Fort Hays was the Power of One scholarship campaign. This campaign was announced in December 2013 with an ambitious goal of raising $8 million in 12 months — a goal that represented a 400-percent increase over normal fundraising expectations for the FHSU Foundation over a year's time. Thanks to the support of FHSU alumni and friends, that original goal was surpassed and a much-needed $12 million was raised in support of scholarships for hard-working students at Fort Hays State.

Prior to joining Fort Hays, Chapman graduated from Kansas Wesleyan University and worked in foundation offices there as well as at St. John's Military School and Kansas State University.