The origin of the 11th month of the year, November, comes from the Latin word "novem" for "nine" since it was the ninth month of the Roman year.

Haloween is the evening of Oct. 31, preceding All Saints Day (or Allhallows). All Saints Day is Nov. 1, and All Souls Day is Nov. 2.

Ancient autumn traditions considered this month to be the beginning of the "dark quarter" of the year. Winter is settling in, first snows fall, trees drop their leaves and birds depart-- a dreary period. In the words of an Irish sea chantey: "We all join hands and form a chain till the leaves of springtime come again."

What does the 11th month bring to mind? Thanksgiving Day and the countdown to Christmas. Daylight savings time is time to fall back.

Charlemagne named the months agiculturally in old German in the 15th century. He named the 11th month Herbistmanoth (Autum/harvest month.)

The origin of weekdays:

* Wednesday -- Woden's day (Norse god Odin was god of wisdom, culture, war and the dead)

* Thursday -- Thor's day (the ancient Scandinavin god of thunder).

Watch for the month of December and days Friday, Saturday and Sunday origins next month.

-- Jim and Opal Flinn.