LAKE QUIVIRA -- Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever recently announced a $1 million pledge from Duayne Madl, 59, of Lake Quivira, to PF's Grassroots Conservation Campaign.

A patron member of PF and a QF member, Madl made the significant financial commitment because of his strong belief in their wildlife habitat conservation mission.

A lifelong Kansan, Madl grew up on a dairy farm outside of Lawrence. He still remembers shooting his first quail with a single barrel .410 shotgun, and his early adventures in the outdoors grew into a lifelong passion for upland and waterfowl hunting.

"As the years have passed, the more I've realized bird hunting was my real love," Madl said. Much of that is attributed to his love of bird dogs.

Having grown up in an agricultural family and a farmer himself, Madl is acutely aware of finding a balance between conservation and agricultural production.

"I've seen what happens when conservation is thrown out the window," said Madl, now a financial adviser, who specializes in estate and succession planning, "But I've also seen what happens when the two exist in harmony."

Madl's belief in the Farm Bill Biologist program has lead to his involvement in the Kansas Grassroots Conservation Campaign. Madl currently serves as the Eastern Kansas co-chairman of the Kansas Grassroots Conservation Leadership Team.

Madl sees a great deal of potential for the delivery of Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever's wildlife habitat mission in his home state, which currently boasts more than 6,100 members.

Madl's gift is the largest contribution to PF and QT. Last year, Wallace Weber, 65, of Russell County, made the single largest donation in the organization's history by donating 1,700 acres of land, along with a stewardship fund.