Judging by the desperate and very negative campaign literature sent out by the Sue Boldra campaign, it seems she is unclear as to what office she is seeking.

To my knowledge, the Kansas Legislature does not vote on federal issues such as the Affordable Health Care Act or Medicare. Instead, they vote on important state issues such as public education funding and programs for the frail elderly and the disabled citizens of Kansas.

Rep. Eber Phelps has been a staunch supporter of funding for the issues I mentioned. To send out slick campaign literature that is misleading and offers inaccuracies is not what the people of the 111th District expect.

We prefer honest and responsible leaders such as Eber Phelps, who has represented the interests of this region both as a city commissioner and legislator. He puts the needs of his district above any personal agenda.

I'm supporting Eber and encourage you to vote for him. We need his leadership back in Topeka.

Cheryl Shepherd-Adams