Adoption option

Each November our family celebrates National Adoption Month. Adoption will always be near and dear to our hearts as our family was created through adoption.

Day to day, we oftentimes forget our kids were even adopted, as they are as much a part of our family as anyone else. Yet infertility and adoption has influenced us a great deal in how are raising our kids. I think we would have always appreciated our kids but our trials of infertility and the process that led us to adoption will be forever ingrained in our hearts. We will be the first to admit that our kids aren't perfect, but we think of our kids as a "little slice of heaven" to be able to enjoy here on earth.

This year, we were able to witness three families grow through adoption and it was nearly as exhilarating as having our own. To see the joy on the parents' faces as they held their new baby was absolutely heavenly and sent chills up our spine. It brings back those moments when our kids were placed in our arms and we could call them our own.

This month, we encourage you to be aware of those who may be considering adopting out and also encourage those couples who may be considering adoption.

There are many ways to adopt -- but all of them lead to a baby in your arms. We will always be grateful for adoption.

Because of the positive impact adoption made on our lives, we always try to promote awareness and offer encouragement to those who are involved in it. As Thanksgiving draws near, it only seems right to be thankful for the option of adoption.

Wade and Lisa Althouse