Wrong word

This letter is in response to Mary Hart-Detrixhe's biased opinion of the September Big First Tea Party candidate forum. Calling it a "shindig" is a slap in the face to all who attended. Perhaps, Ms. Hart-Detrixhem, you should look up the definition of the word before you use it so casually.

A "shindig," according to the Urban Dictionary, is defined as "a small party consisting of five to 20 people. Shindigs almost always involve alcoholic beverages, usually beer. Often marijuana is smoked as well." Please tell us where you saw alcohol, marijuana or any other type of stimulant and how many people were imbibing or using. We saw only water being consumed. There were also considerably more than 20 people in attendance.

You said you freed yourself of expectations? It sounds as though you were expectating to see a group of boozers getting high. If you had such low or no expectations, why did you attend? Everyone else was expecting a good political forum detailing each candidate's beliefs and ideas, and we weren't disappointed. We're fortunate we had the opportunity to have this forum. Kudos to Roger Ewing for putting it all together.

We also take offense to your statement of our Christian "bias." BFTP members have Christian beliefs we are proud of. We always open our meetings with a prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance. You said you give everyone the benefit of a doubt or two? It appears you were already biased when you walked in the door. Your blog, dated Sept. 4, supports this apparent bias. You talk as though you know about BFTP beliefs, yet, as far as we're concerned, you know little to nothing.

Come to a BFTP meeting with an open and unbiased mind. Maybe you'll learn something.

Vernon and Diana Walter Catharine