Another example

I was gone recently and stopped at my office on Hall Street on the Sunday evening after my return. I was surprised to find I had no electrical power and checked the circuit breaker boxes and my meter to find nothing amiss.

I called the Midwest Energy service number to report my problem and sat in my car thinking I may have a long wait. It actually crossed my mind the folks on the East Coast have been without power for something like two weeks in some locales, and before I had time to think about my alternatives, a Midwest Energy service truck pulled up.

The two gentlemen hopped out to greet me, performed several operations overhead on wires and inside the meter box, and in less than an hour from my phone call, my electrical service was restored. The service technologists thanked me for waiting to make sure everything was working, and went on their way.

Another example of what a great community we live in, and I try to count my blessings again for living and working in such a nice city.

Thanks guys, for helping me out.

Lynn Kinderknecht