Daily massacres

Last month, a terrible tragedy -- 20 innocent and helpless little children murdered in the Sandy Hook School. So senseless. My heart and prayers go out for them and their families.

Even more senseless is the shame of our land called abortion.

I've read there are more the 1 million innocents aborted in America each year. Helpless babies. My math isn't very good but that is 2,740 a day. I'm comparing 20 children to babies aborted, that is 137 Sandy Hook School massacres a day, 365 days a year, year in and year out -- all with Barack Obama's blessing. Terrible.

How can mother-to-be be so heartless and cruel? They are not deranged like the shooter. They make a cold decision. Where is the cry to ban abortion? Politicians and news people are silent. One hundred and thirty-seven Sandy Hooks a day. God help us.

Jesus said if you harm one of these little ones it would be better for you if a millstone were put on your neck and thrown in the sea. One hundred and thirty-seven Sandy Hooks a day.

When they took God out of the schools, that left a vacuum. Evil has filled that emptiness with so much ungodly things such as Planned Parenthood, etc.

My husband has said for years that abortion is a child that is unloved, unborn, unnamed and unburied.

Connie Desbien