Cork still stuck

As the legislative session comes to a close, our customers have been asking about the status of HB 2206, a bill written to end a government-mandated monopoly that restricts alcohol sales to liquor stores only.

We're disappointed to report the bill was tabled in committee this year by Reps. Corbet, Whipple, Ruiz, Houser, Tietze, Brunk, Carpenter, Carlson and Frownfelter. Their actions ensured Kansas consumers will have to wait yet another year for meaningful action from Kansas Legislators on their ability to make alcohol purchases at locations other than liquor stores.

Though the majority of Kansas consumers believe they should have the choice about where they buy legal adult products, no action was taken this year that finally would end a prohibition era law that permits only one kind of business to sell you your alcoholic beverages.

In a state that values free market principles, we hope legislators in 2014 will be compelled to vote in favor of letting their constituents decide how they make their alcohol purchases, rather than continuing to protect a market segment.

Jessica Lucas

Uncork Kansas Coalition