I don't understand why the county can't balance its budget. The city seems to be able to year-in, year-out while also adding to its emergency fund. Perhaps Mrs. Wasinger can help with this process, as she was an effective city commissioner -- assuming the others listen to her advice.

I would like to help Mr. Sund reduce the $900,000 expected deficit by offering the following:

* Do not hire three personal assistants, as proposed.

* Limit or cancel wage increases for county employees, unless there is a contractual agreement or promises previously made. You don't give wage increases when you are running a negative balance. Any business understands that concept.

* Sell unused/excess equipment at the county shop. If some equipment doesn't function, then sell as metal scrap.

* Reduce overtime. Even prohibit it without department head approval.

* Ask department heads to reduce mileage on county vehicles.

* Ask each department head to submit to you ways in which to reduce costs in their respective departments.

* Why does it take two hires to replace Mr. Wing? If he did both jobs effectively, surely someone can be found to do the same.

I'm assuming there is something in the above proposals Mr. Sund can use to reduce the deficit.

Lee Staab