This spring when signing up my oldest two daughters for softball, I stumbled across the information about T-ball on the Hays Rec website.  My youngest daughter is 5 years old and autistic, and I had never even considered signing her up for a sport.

But, I thought, why not? She is high-functioning and can communicate -- why not?

So I signed her up. That act on its own was emotional, because every milestone met with a special-needs child, regardless of how delayed, is an unbelievably emotional experience.

When I signed her up, I put in the memo that Morgan is autistic.  

Because I know though it shouldn't matter, it can.

But it didn't this time.

Hays Rec never blinked an eye. Morgan was assigned a T-ball team. And her coaches, Dustin Armbruster and his wife, Wendy, Clint Albers and other parents who helped, were absolutely wonderful and patient.  

Morgan needed a little extra help, and they happily obliged. Sometimes she needed reminded which way first base was, and they were there to direct her. She once spun in a circle halfway between first and second, but that was OK. I'm sure they chuckled like I did when Morgan rode her bat like a horse and skipped up to the tee to bat.

Morgan's autism allows her to be a little different and during a few T-ball games this summer that did not matter.

Thank you Hays Rec, Dustin, Wendy, Clint and everyone else who helped Morgan fit right in and have a wonderful season.

Teresa Greenwood