Giving back

To the citizens of Ellis, Trego and Rooks counties:

If you 70 years, 6 months or older and looking for a better way to support your favorite charity without it costing you time and taxes, I've got the answer for you.

Here's one of the best possible ways you can make some organization very happy very soon. If you have an IRA with a required minimum distribution before Dec. 31, you can receive a tax-free distribution (of up to $100,000 per taxpayer, per taxable year) by simply transferring the amount you wish on or before Dec. 31 directly to the Heartland Community Foundation or to another eligible charity.

The Heartland Community Foundation is a nonprofit entity that works for the betterment of the communities in Ellis, Trego and Rooks counties. The HCF is the home of 24 charitable organizational funds to which anyone can contribute at any time. Donors also can establish a new, permanently endowed fund that supports one or more charitable organizations of their choice.

Additionally, there is no better time to start an endowed fund or give a tax-deductible gift to the Heartland Community Foundation, because all monetary contributions (with the exception of scholarship funds) are being matched by the Kansas Health Foundation by either 25 cents on the dollar or 50 cents on the dollar, depending on the direction of the gift.

The match funds support the public health of the Heartland area and the growth of the HCF. Examples of these recent public health grants made possible by these matching dollars include grants to support a park crawl workout in Hays, a bicycle safety rodeo for children in Trego County, and books for first-time parents about children's health.

If you are interested in this beautiful way to support your community, call me at (785) 621-4090 or your personal financial manager. Together, we will talk about your IRA gift and the legacy you want to establish in your respective community.

Bob Lowen, Heartland Community Foundation executive director