Sky falling?

I read in an article in my October issue of Kansas Country Living, hardly a left-wing or liberal magazine, that as a result of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) many rural Kansas residents will pay less for their health insurance than at present.

The article indicated that "evidence from plans already being advertised in other states suggests that the premiums (for health insurance) will be much more affordable than plans farmers and other rural consumers have been able to purchase until now."

According to the article, Obamacare does this by prohibiting insurance companies from charging farmers (or any other group for that matter) much higher premiums by designating farming as a high risk occupation. If true, this aspect of Obamacare sounds like a great benefit for a lot of rural Kansas residents, and I wonder why our senators and representatives, such as Moran and Huelskamp, have not made this benefit known to them and the general public.

Perhaps these folks who represent all of us in Washington are afraid that making reasonably priced health insurance available to everyone, including rural residents, would not support their "the sky is falling, so let's repeal Obamacare" attitudes.

Joe Thomasson