The Ellis County Commission received a report concerning the county's telephone system at Monday's regular meeting at the Ellis County Courthouse.

Information Technology Director Mike Leiker informed commissioners the county's phone system is more than eight years old and consists of approximately 50 hard lines and 100 numbers. Leiker added the county has several different phone systems tied together.

With the upcoming need for phone systems at the new administrative building at 718 Main and also for the new EMS/rural fire building, county staff has been looking at the system. Leiker said the system being looked at by the county is called Voice over Internet Protocol.

An internet-based phone system would make phones more mobile because they could be moved from desk to desk and location to location easily.

Leiker said the county also would save money by paying for fewer lines. The county only would have the number of lines calculated it would need at peak times.

"With the new systems that are available, you can greatly reduce the number of phone lines that you are paying for," Leiker said.

If the Internet goes down, each office could have a backup hard line, Leiker said.

"Today's purpose is to let you know what we're looking at," Leiker said.

Commissioners also went into executive session twice. The first time, they met with Sund and County Counselor Bill Jeter for 20 minutes to discuss union negotiations. No action was taken. Commissioners then met for five minutes with Sund and Jeter for attorney/client discussions. No action was taken.