The city of Hays and the Kansas Department of Transportation hosted a public meeting Tuesday at KDOT's area headquarters about the upcoming reconstruction of 41st Street starting March 24.

Fixing the deteriorating pavement, widening the road, accommodating pedestrians and bicyclists with a designated path and fixing stormwater issues are the key parts of the construction, said John Braun, assistant director of Public Works. The road still will have one lane going in either direction, but a center lane for left turns will be added.

The hike/bike concrete trail will be 10-feet wide. Curb inlets for stormwater runoff and underground storm sewer pipes are among the improvements along the mile stretch.

An old bridge on the street will be replaced with a concrete box structure.

"I think it will improve the traffic flow," Braun said. "It will give them, with the hike and bike trail, it'll give them a safe place to walk and bicycle."

KDOT is paying approximately $3 million of the $4 million project. It should be completed by early 2015.

Alan J. Moore, construction manager for the contractor APAC-Kansas Inc. Shears Hays branch, said residents will have access to their homes at all times. Drivers should expect some inconveniences.

"Devices will be put up to instruct people where they can and cannot drive, and people will have access to their residences at all times," Moore said. "Now, it may be somewhat restrictive in that it may be one lane."