Not all things are bad

On Wednesday at approximately 6 p.m., I went to Dillon's on Vine Street to fill my car with gas. I had had a really long, stressful day. I filled up my car, left Dillon's and proceeded to drive south to Schoenchen. I got halfway there and realized my wallet was not in the pocket of my coat.

Like any normal person, I freaked out. I shut off cards, notified Dillon's and the Hays Police my wallet was missing. At approximately 8 p.m., I receive a message from Nikki Hausler from Hays Animal Control that an elderly couple found my wallet a mile south of Hays and that I needed to contact Hays Police dispatch to retrieve my wallet.

I got my wallet back, and I immediately looked to see if anything was missing. Not one item was missing. I want to say thank you to the elderly couple, whoever you may be, and to Hausler for taking the time to look up my phone number. Also, thanks to the Hays Police Department for holding my wallet for me.

I just knew when I lost my wallet, it was gone and the credit card inside was going to be used. These people proved to me there are a few honest, good people out there in the world. Thank you for the reminder; I needed it.

Lois Magie,