They didn't come in first place, but they had fun.

Deanna Clark and Laela Menzer teamed up for the Hays Recreation Commission's Challenge Fun Run Saturday morning at Bickle/Schmidt Sports Complex.

"For fun, just so we did it -- if we finish it," Clark said of why they decided to attempt the second annual HRC event.

Clark, a Fort Hays State University graduate from Belle Plaine, and Menzer, a Fort Hays student from Great Bend, did finish -- and enjoyed themselves.

"We had fun," Clark said, laughing. "I think we had too much fun."

Clark said she liked the running part of the 2-mile run, which included stops with both mental and physical challenges.

"We laughed the whole time," she said.

Dustin Koster, Hays, and his 9-year-old son, Kyreese, won their division. They took the challenge last year, too.

"It's fun," Dustin Koster said. "Just enjoy partner stuff with my son. I run with him a lot."

What Dustin Koster didn't like was the part of the challenge where they had to run backwards.

"I didn't like running backwards up the hill," he said. "That was hard. Backwards up a hill is taxing after you've run that far already."

Other challenges on the course included a scavenger hunt, a riddle station, agility ladders, going through hula hoops and crawling under another obstacle.

Except Clark and Menzer -- already far behind the leaders -- convinced the volunteer monitoring the station where they had to go under an obstacle to let them jump over it instead.

"We smiled," Menzer said of how they convinced the volunteer to let them literally skip the obstacle. "I liked hurdling it.

"We're a great team."