A new civil war

Years back in 1964, I was in the Plainville hospital to have my appendix taken out.

There was a black man in my room. His name as I knew him was Mr. Vandervall. He worked as foreman for the Union Pacific Railroad between Colby and Salina. He was a very smart man.

In his discussion with me, he said the U.S. did a great misdeed bringing the Africans to this country as slaves.

Being black, he told me his bloodline was because his father was a Spaniard, and generations back a slave woman gave brith to his mother.

He told me before dying, the pigment of his black skin left him. He was as white as I am. He told me there would be a civil war between the black people and the whites in this country.

Take a good look as to what is happening in our country today. We need prayers to God. He's our only hope.

Jim Thyfault,