In reference to the letter to the editor written by Ellis County commissioner Barbara Wasinger, the following quote taken from an article in The Hays Daily News reported Feb. 6, 2014, indicates my position of the jail project.

This is what it was, this is what it is, and this is what it will be:

While there isn’t a lot of latitude for growth between a current census of 60 inmates and the 72 cells to be installed, both Harbin and Hertel are happy to have the improvements.

“We’ll make it last as long as we can,” Harbin said.

The sheriff’s office initially suggested the idea of a regional jail, with as many as 150 beds.

That idea was shot down quickly.

Nonetheless, Hertel and Harbin are looking forward to the improvements. “Basically, we got to a critical situation,” Hertel said. “We’ll take what we can get.”

Talking to the judges and attorneys to get inmates out of jail has been a routine procedure for several years. We have also used community corrections and court services to also get inmates out who should have been in jail under normal circumstances.

Ed Harbin,