The main focus of the Tools and Tech publication is to stay up to date at North Central Kansas Technology College.

Whether it be what’s new on the Hays and Beloit campuses, what’s popular around the communities, or things such as just giving information to what the school provides, the goal is to make it current.

It also is about that one main issue: keeping it attractive to the demographic — which like any post-high school institution is junior and senior high students.

“We want to make sure we’re staying current and in step with our general demographic,” NCK Tech Marketing Director Nicole Rainey said. “That seems to work really well (with the publication).”

A publication the school hands out to student visitors, donors, chamber of commerce and other organizations, NCK Tech has found Tools and Tech to be a useful resource. And more than anything, the school wants to keep it that way.

Done in a 38- to 40-page colorful and glossy-style magazine format, Tools and Tech has released a new publication every 18 months. Motivated to keep it as up to date as possible, the college wants to make it a once-a-year publication. Rainey said there even has been talk to eventually make it into a quarterly type of release for publication. To keep up with the times as well, the administrators want to make it into a digital version. The new edition will come out Aug. 1.

“The great part about it is President (Eric) Burks is being very progressive in his thought and very deliberate in how we’re planning this,” Rainey said. “We have a great Tools and Tech, and we want to make it better. I think that everybody is working together to make another great publication. We just want to make sure that we do it right. We set the bar pretty high on ourselves, and so now we have to make sure we can maintain that.”

As much of a success as NCK Tech has had getting the publication out and setting the standard for what it wants from publication, the magazine has picked up award recognition. The edition the college made last year won a Gold ADDY of the American Advertising Awards from the American Advertising Federation. It’s an honor NCK Tech has taken a great deal of pride in and plans to maintain the publication at a high standard.

Along with a synopsis of the programs NCK Tech offers, Tools and Tech has sidebars detailing career opportunities each field can provide. The publication also has been an opportunity for storytelling of current and past students working in a field they were able to be a part of at NCK Tech.

While the publication is set to attract high school students, Rainey said it’s also about showing an interest for non-traditional students. The college wants Tools and Tech to have a dual purpose of sorts — program informative, along with plenty of other human interest. Through it all, it’s about pulling as many resources as possible into one publication, all the while making sure to keep everything up to date.

“We’re still trying to stick our toe in and see what’s working, what’s not,” Rainey said. “(We want) to see how to stay current, how we can stay attractive to upcoming students, and still how we can use that same publication in the civic organizations and for donors. So it’s a balance.”