HUTCHINSON ó In the past, the Hutchinson Invitational high golf tournament was considered the largest one-day golf event west of the Mississippi River.

And with the triple-threat of constant rain and thunder and lightning, Mississippi brought the river to Hutchinson to cancel the event after about a two-hour delay.

ďThis tournament is always hard because it takes a long time to play, but when itís 44 degrees, the wind is blowing and itís raining, thatís a lot more to take on,Ē said Hutchinson golf coach Charlie Pierce.

The tournament endured two lengthy delays. One was at the scheduled 8 a.m. start when the downpour carried on for about 30 minutes. Pierce had to strut off and grab his airhorn in mid-sentence after the thunder rocked the course. Pierce sounded the horn and another 30-minute wait preceded to see of lightning would follow.

The 184 golfers from 37 teams from Hutchinson, Wichita and Kansas City hurried back to the clubhouse at Carey Park drenched in rain, clubs, soaked and chipper attitudes doused by the heavy drizzle. After the lightning flashed, the 30-minute wait turned into a two hour delay as all the golfers huddled into the facility as Pierce announced the tournament had been cancelled.

There is no information yet on when the tournament will be made up.

No golfers made it past the 6th hole.