On its opening day Friday, more than 300 people flooded into the doors of Hays’ newest fitness facility, Munsch Fitness, 1104 E. 22nd.

The approximately 14,000-square-foot gym offers 24-hour access to an extensive variety of top-of-the-line Cybex equipment, a detox and fat-burning sauna with a second one soon to come, an ab/stretching room which will eventually be used as a studio room for classes, a lobby and gaming area for children and a coffee/smoothie bar.

Additionally, the facility recognizes student and military discounts, has knowledgeable staff and offers competitive pricing, according to owner Alex Munsch, Hays.

“Watching people’s reactions has been so cool,” he said. “All those people I originally started working out with in other gyms, all those people that helped get me where I am today, they’re all here now and it’s so awesome to give them a place to work out. It’s like a family.”

The equipment is divided into sections to ease workout transitions, with many machines and free weights on the main level and most of the cardio equipment overlooking from above.

Much of Munsch’s vision involved creating a layout that provided a high level of privacy and comfort, which is why many of the treadmills and other cardio equipment are located on the second level with no other machines behind them.

“Everyone just seems to really love it,” he said. “It all worked out nicely, and I’m really happy with it.”

Fort Hays State University student Chelsea Hanson said she liked that Munsch Fitness is a 24-hour facility and is relatively cheaper than other options.

“On campus, the weight room is harder to get into; it’s not always open, or you have to be there when coaches are there,” she said. “Here, you can use the whole facility all the time.”

Originally from Las Vegas, William Cory, Hays, said even in Vegas, he had a hard time finding a gym that came close to offering the high-quality equipment Munsch Fitness provides.

“They did not pinch pennies or hold anything back when they started this place, and there’s such a variety,” he said. “A lot of people thought this would be a body-builder gym just because of who Alex is, but it really caters to everybody.”

Excited to adjust to the life of a business owner, 21-year-old Munsch, originally from Schoenchen, is a nationally signed fitness model. Once everything is in place at Munsch Fitness, he plans to continue pursuing modeling opportunities.

“In February, I actually have a shoot for Muscle and Fitness. It’s the biggest deal I could have ever gotten,” Munsch said. “I’ll be going to Los Angeles for that.”

But for now, Munsch is focused on stabilizing this part of his big dream, and on providing a top-notch facility in which he describes as the best option in the state.

“We are the most state-of-the-art gym in the state of Kansas,” he said. “We have everything you need. The atmosphere is great, everyone is friendly, everyone is motivated.

“If you want to take fitness seriously, this is where you need to be.”

For additional information or pricing, visit the Munsch Fitness Facebook page, munschfitness.com, or call (785) 621-8823.